Commitments of our Graduates

Each semester, the graduating Health Science students develop a set of commitments reflecting their collective promises to themselves, each other, our professions, and our world.

The final set of commitments, endorsed by all graduating students, is read at the Department Convocation just before the students receive their certificates.

This is one of our most important Health Science traditions.

Graduating Class of 2013

  1. We will address the social determinants of health and well-being from an ecological perspective.
  2. We will recognize the value of technology for promoting health and engage communities through accessible channels, while being aware of the negative impact that overuse of technology can have.
  3. We will use community needs and priorities, research and evidence-based practice to develop effective programs and policies.
  4. In our personal and professional lives, we will advocate for social justice, particularly the elimination of health inequities, by challenging systems of discrimination and oppression.
  5. We will work to reform systems to guarantee the just and equitable allocation of resources, regardless of socio-economic status, age, gender, disability, race, sexual orientation, or other life circumstances.
  6. We will serve as role models, embrace collaboration, and foster relationships with people in our communities and the organizations that serve them.
  7. We will practice cultural humility in our work, never assuming that our education or professional experience provide us access into a community.

Recreation Management:

We will deliver comprehensive recreation services to promote healthy community and life engagement through people, parks, and programs.

Therapeutic Recreation:

We will provide holistic interventions of play, recreation, and advocacy to help individuals with disabilities to improve their health and vitality.

Health Science:

We will start where the people are, advocate with and for them, facilitate empowerment, and support cultural diversity.


Recognizing that human health cannot exist in the absence of environmental health, we will initiate and support activities related to the protection of healthy ecosystems by making environmentally responsible decisions.


We will strive to maintain integrity and improve the quality of our work through lifelong learning.