Diversity Affirmation

In 2000, MPH Student Association Co-Chairs Wendy Hussey and Elvia Soberanes developed a "diversity statement" that was immediately embraced by their peers and formally adopted by the MPH Core Faculty. In 2007, the statement was endorsed by the Health Science Department faculty and became our department's Diversity Affirmation.

The Health Science and Recreation Department's Diversity Affirmation

  • Our diversity honors experiences, visions, choices, and realities. It is open to varied cultures, classes, ages, genders, orientations, religions, and abilities. It acknowledges differences and the critical importance of sharing the experiences, challenges, opportunities, and contributions of those differences.
  • Our diversity is built on respect, support, inclusion, and representation. It embraces and honors community, ethnicity, spirituality, sexuality, gender, and culture.
  • Our diversity provides a philosophical outlook that searches to find the points of inter-connectedness among us, and accepts that not all points of view connect.
  • Our diverse community resolves to create spaces for all voices and stories to be acknowledged, shared and heard.

We are proud of this unique and timeless statement of who we are and what we value.