Mission & Core Values

SJSU MPH Program Mission

To provide professional education that prepares both students and graduates with knowledge, conceptual frameworks, health education and public health competencies, in order to develop programs, build community capacity, and advocate policy for health equity (revised Spring 2012).

MPH Program Core Values

Our program's approach to teaching and learning, scholarship and service is based on a set of inter-related concepts. Because they are so central to our approach to everything we do in the MPH program, we call these our core values.

  • Health.....Of individuals, our organizations, our institution, and our community.
  • Community.....Our setting, our methods, and our orientation to health.
  • Personal and social responsibility....Integrity, ethics, and recognition that our actions impact others.
  • Equity and social justice.....In opportunity, participation, achievement, risk, and protection.
  • Advocacy.....The natural extension of discovery, knowledge, and analysis.
  • Diversity and inclusive excellence.....Assumed, encouraged, celebrated, honored, and engaged.
  • Empowerment....A facilitative process that fosters decisions, actions, and policies that enhance individual and community control over the factors that influence their lives.
  • Respect.....For persons, beliefs, actions, experiences, and choices.
  • That which is not given away is lost.....Deep understanding that our power and potential lie not in what we achieve for ourselves, but in what we offer to others.