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In a recent interview (, Dr. Kathleen M. Roe discussed the differences between other online MPH programs and the online MPH offered by San José State University  “In addition to being very affordable, our program offers the best of the online and traditional learning environments since the students meet weekly for “live online" classes.  Students have told us that they value the cohort model and particularly highlight the importance of focusing on one course at a time.  This allows them to balance their academic, professional and personal lives.”  She also discussed the growing importance of the MPH.  "The demand for MPH-prepared professionals will become more evident with the implementation of primary prevention services covered under the Affordable Care Act."   In the interview, Dr. Roe suggests that students approach an online MPH with the same fervor and dedication they would a campus-based program, especially since the two MPH formats at San José State University are based on identical learning objectives and program outcomes.