Publications & Presentations

Wu, Diana (Yuhfen ) H

Publications & Presentations

  • Yuh-Fen H. Wu. "Publication Title" Article. Vol. 11. Issue 1. (March 2007). pp.21-42.

    Abstract: The San Jose joint library in California, USA provides a powerful bonded site to deliver services for lifelong learning. Academic and public librarians work side by side seamlessly, helping users from the university, as well as the general community to meet their learning objectives with this state-of-the-art facility.

  • Yuh-Fen H. Wu. "Publication Title" Article. Vol. 34. Issue 1. (January 2006). pp.86-96.

    Abstract: Effective integration of information literacy skills into the business curriculum requires the development of collaborative partnership between teaching faculty and librarians. Developing a good partnership requires an understanding of the teaching faculty's perspectives. This paper aims to address these issues.

  • Yuh-Fen H. Wu. "Publication Title" Article. Vol. 32. Issue 1. (April 2006). pp.11-17.

    Abstract: Information overload and global competition are among the most significant challenges to all professions. Students need to be information literate to survive not just in the workplace but also to excel in the global environment. Librarians can collaborate with teaching faculty to help achieve this goal. This article investigates how librarians at San Jose State University collaborate with teaching faculty in nurturing students to become lifelong learners. It also outlines programs and tools developed by librarians to help students enhance their information literacy skills.

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