ScWk 240 - Research Methods and Design, Fall 2013

Time: Wednesdays 6:00 pm to 8:45 pm

Location: Central Classroom Building - Room 101

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Catalog Description: Scientific method and problems of knowledge. Basic concepts and models of research methodology, qualitative research, program and practice evaluation in social work. Critical analysis of existing research on diverse and oppressed populations. (3 units) Course Description: ScWk 240 is the first course in the graduate social work research sequence during the foundation year. This course develops knowledge and skills needed for using research evidence to inform practice and policy. Topics covered include key research methods and statistics, program evaluation concepts, and critical thinking skills related to making professional decisions about research information. Students develop experience in analyzing research and its use within specific practice contexts and with diverse individuals, families, and communities. ScWk 240 provides the conceptual base for the second course in the graduate research sequence (ScWk 242), as well as for the Master of Social Work Special Project (ScWk 298).

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