ScWk 242 - Research Methods, Data Analysis, and Evaluation - Spring 2012

Lab 4 - Answer Key for Correlation and Multiple Regression for 4/13 Class

Time: Fridays Noon to 2:45 pm

Location: SH 346


This required foundation year course provides students with the opportunity to apply concepts and skills for conducting research that were introduced last semester in ScWk 240. The course also emphasizes content designed to prepare students to build knowledge in the profession of social work, using both qualitative and quantitative methods. The course builds on the first semester by engaging students in the selection and implementation of appropriate methodology and analysis tools for the evaluation of social work practice and policy. These concepts and skills are applied to the further development of a research proposal, for which students laid the conceptual foundations in the ScWk 240 course. Students also apply these concepts and skills to the critical assessment of social work research on Latinos, African Americans, Asian Americans, and other diverse and oppressed populations. ScWk 242 concludes the first-year core research curriculum, which provides the conceptual knowledge and skills for the Master of Social Work Special Project (ScWk 298).

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Information about assignments from previous years as well as other resources can be found at the following website for research sequence courses, including ScWk 240, ScWk 242, and ScWk 298. Please note that the ScWk 242 assignments described here have changed, and that you should use instead the assignments listed in the Assignments section above for the current course.