Research & Scholarly Activity

Circularly Polarized Luminescence

  • Designing, characterizing, and providing important specific information concerning the thermodynamic, structural, dynamic, spectroscopic, and chiroptical properties of luminescent lanthanide complexes with chiral ligands as potential probes of more complex molecules, e.g. biomolecules, for instance by preferential interaction with one enantiomer

  • Designing, synthesizing, and spectral characterization of chiral lanthanide complexes for applications as chiroptical probes

  • Studying of the solution structure of chiral lanthanide complexes by circularly polarized luminescence (CPL), a chiroptical technique

  • Lanthanide(III) luminescence as a probe of structures, dynamics, and excited state energetics of metal-containing biomolecular systems such as Ca(II)-binding proteins

  • Developing, maintaining, improving and using a chiroptical induced-CPL-based technique to determine the absolute configuration of simple chiral organic molecules, as well as to study the polarization of the emitted light of metal-containing and/or organic compounds