COURSES 2015-2016


EDSP 269- Student Teaching

EDSP 276-Advanced Assessment



EDSP 262-Onlline Language Development in a Cross-Cultural Society



EDSP 222 (2 Sections) Navigating Oral-Written Connections: Research and Application





EDSE 107-Teaching Students with Mild-Moderate, and Severe Disabilities

EDSE 215- Assessment of Mild-Moderate Disabilities

EDSE 217-A and B Supervision- Mild-Moderate Disabilities

EDSE 228-Collaboration


EDSP 102 -Normal Language Acquisition(ground and online)

EDSP 112- Treatment of Speech and Language Disorders

EDSP 124- Diagnostics  (ground and online)

EDSP 125-Language Disorders (ground and online)

EDSP 222 -Navigating the Oral-Written Connection: Theory and Applications (ground and online) (A New Course, which I designed for the Communication Disorders Department  to be taught for the first time in the Spring of 2004).

EDSP 259- Seminar in Language Disorders (ground and online)

EDSP 262 -Speech and Language Development in a Cross-Cultural Society (ground and online).

 EDSP 268- Providing Services in Spanish to Clients with Speech, Language    and Hearing Impairments- Proporcionando Servicios en Español a Clientes con Impedimentos en el Habla, Lenguaje y Audición. (A course, which I designed to teach over a 3 week period or one week [depending on students’ needs] in Spanish and/or English exclusively to students on all three of our Diversity grants: Horizonte –Arco Iris and Cascades session-Summer 2003 -Winter 2005-Winter 2007-Winter 2008 -Winter 2012-Summer 2013).

 EDSP 269 -Supervision of Speech and Language Pathologists in the Schools.

EDSP 276 Advanced Assessment

EDSP 277-Clinical Supervision