Publications & Presentations

Harris, Katherine D.

Publications & Presentations

  • Katherine D. Harris. "Fantasies of Containment: Archiving Moments in Cyber- and Real-Life" Eastern Washington University Press. Article. Eastern Washington University Press, (May 2007).

    Abstract: Through a study of online hypertextual (non-static) archive projects (including my own hypertextual archive), the nineteenth century texts included in the archive and the women who published in these texts, I examine the de-centering of the subject in a digital structure, which is in essence, the future of the making of our history.

  • Katherine D. Harris. "Borrowing, Altering and Perfecting the Literary Annual Form, or What It is Not . . ." Article. Vol. 1. Issue 1. (October 2006).

    Abstract: This article definitively defines the literary annual and identifies its precursor forms

  • Katherine D. Harris. "Infusing Bibliography and Book History with Hyper-Textuality: A Course for Undergraduates" Pickering & Chatto. Article. Pickering & Chatto, (July 2006).

    Abstract: An online addition to this collection; article discusses practicalities of teaching bibliography and digital studies in one course; includes course materials (peer reviewed)

  • Katherine D. Harris. "Feminizing the Textual Body: Women and their Literary Annuals in Nineteenth-Century Britain" Article. Vol. 99. Issue 4. (December 2005).

    Abstract: A preliminary history of literary annuals along with a discussion of their feminization.

  • Katherine D. Harris. "For a list of invited lectures and conference presentations, see the below website." Conference. (December 2005).

    Abstract: Numerous conference presentations and invited lectures on nineteenth century and Romantic-era writing.

  • Katherine D. Harris. "Forget Me Not: A Hypertextual Archive of Ackermann's 19th-century Literary Annual" Romantic Circles. Book. Romantic Circles, (December 2005).

    Abstract: A full text edition of 24 volumes of the first nineteenth-century British literary annual

  • Katherine D. Harris. "Review of 'Colour'd Shadows'" Article. Vol. 36. Issue 4. (October 2005). pp.180.

    Abstract: Book review of Terence Hoagwood and Kathryn Ledbetter's interesting work on 19th century women authors

  • Katherine D. Harris. "The Nineteenth-Century British Literary Annual: A Genre's Journey from Nineteenth-Century Popularity" Thesis. (June 2005).

    Abstract: In this dissertation, I argue for and re-present a genre's importance to nineteenth-century British literary studies. The genre, literary annuals (also identified as gift books), is generally criticized as a benign form of popular culture from the early nineteenth century. With its seasonal dissemination of popular poetry, prose and engravings, nineteenth-century critics accused the three-inch by five-inch moderately-priced and decoratively-bound annual of usurping the public's attention away from valid poetic genius as well as continuing the insipid distribution of fiction. With the premise that the book is a body and is part of the textual condition, much of this dissertation deals with the creation and evolution of the annual as a literary genre, popular phenomenon in print culture, powerful feminine form and cultural marker of early nineteenth-century England.

  • Katherine D. Harris. "Fantasies of Containment: Digitally Archiving a Nineteenth Century British Literary Annual (the" Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities. Article. Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, (March 2002).

    Abstract: For the New Information Order conference, I demonstrate this project and discuss the implications of moving from complicated research of obscure materials to online representations of the texts themselves and their bibliographic disintegration as physical objects.