Research & Scholarly Activity

Research & Scholarly Activity

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    Poetess Archive Journal
    Poetess Archive Journal, 2006-2006

    Description: An online journal to accompany the Poetess Archive.

  • Forget Me Not! The Popular Phenomenon of Literary
    Manuscript in progress
    Manuscript in progress, 2005-2006

    Description: Accused of causing an "epidemic" and inspiring an "unmasculine and unbawdy age," the literary annual of 1820s England survived, even thrived from the attention offered by its readers despite - or as Katherine D. Harris argues, because of - its "feminine" writing and tantalizing presentation. Wrapped in beautiful bindings and filled with poems, prose and engravings, literary annuals provide an integral view of public desire, literary development, authorial consciousness and empowering femininity. Relying on the material text, its literary contents and contemporary reviews, Harris presents a literary history that recuperates the annual as a literary genre, popular phenomenon in print culture, powerful feminine form and cultural marker of early nineteenth-century "Englishness."

  • Editor, British Literary Annuals Collection
    The Poetess Archive
    The Poetess Archive, 2004-2006

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