Green Sheet

Kin 22A/B - Beginning / Intermediate Racquetball

Instructor: Dr. Ray Kwok
Class: Tuesdays 6 - 7:50 pm (Event Center - Racquetball Courts)
Office Hours: MW 8:30 - 9:00 am (Engr 363), Fri 9:30 - 10:30 am (Sci 310), or by appointment

Course Description:

This course is designed to acquaint the student with the game of racquetball. Contact area will include rules, safety, appreciation of the game and introductory skills. For students with some experience, it will enhance their skills through a series of drills, shot selections and game plan.

Course Objectives:

  1. To learn proper safety considerations while having fun in racquetball.
  2. To learn the rules of the game.
  3. To introduce proper stroke mechanics
  4. To develop basic skills and techniques of racquetball allowing the students to participate in a moderately competitive game.
  5. To introduce offensive and defensive shot selection.
  6. To introduce strategies in serving and return of serve.
  7. To understand different game strategies involved in racquetball.
  8. To experience doubles & cut-throat games.
    (For students at intermediate level - 22B, they also...)
  9. Develop a power stroke mechanic.
  10. Develop an overall game plan.
  11. Experience tournament play.
  12. Learn advance racquetball skills.
  13. Learn visualization and mental preparation.

Class Procedure:

  1. Meeting Place: Racquetball course located in the Event Center.
    Students MUST show student ID to enter the facility each time after first session.
  2. Equipment: Racquetball racquet, protective eye wear, a can of racquetballs, shorts/sweats and shoes.

Course Content:

  1. Terminology
  2. Rules and compliance
  3. Safety & Etiquette
  4. Fundamental skills - Forehand & Backhand strokes, basic serves, service returns, ceiling shots, back wall play, kill shots
  5. Strategy of play
  6. Types of games (Singles, Doubles, & Cut-throat)


Drills (20%) Rules (10%) Games Play (50%) Final (20%)
90 - 100% A
80 - 90% B
70 - 80% C
60 - 70% D
below 60% F

FINAL EXAM Last Day of Class (5/12)

  • Always come to class ready to participate.
  • Protective eye were MUST be worn at all times while on the court.
  • Shoes & shirt must be worn at all times.
  • Non-marking court/fitness shoes. (No black-sole running shoes).
  • Please also see the official Course Syllabus for this class.

For More Information Contact:

Ray Kwok at: