What's the Call?

You are the Referee. What's your call for the following scenarios? Email the answer to raymond.kwok@sjsu.edubefore we go over the answers in class.

  1. Player A used a perfect tennis serve, i.e. nicely tossed the ball in the air, came down with a powerful overhead stroke. The ball hit the front wall, bounced back after the short line, hit the floor then re-bounced from the back without touching the side walls. The ball was going so fast that Player B didn't even know what's happened. Player A said he earned a point. Player B turned around looking at you, the referee, waiting for your call.
  2. Player A seems to get in the way all the time and Player B is tired of being polite. During a rally when Player B was hitting the ball, he realized Player A is very close by so he shortened his stroke. The ball skipped in (hit the floor before reaching the front wall). Player B wanted to re-play because he kind of held up so to avoid hitting Player A with his racquet. Player A said he earned the point. What's your call?
  3. Player A is a power hitter but can't keep the ball down. This time he pounded the ball to the front wall again. Without touching the floor, the ball went all the way to the top of back wall and hit the window frame. Many courts have balcony upstairs and the ball would have gone outside of the court. Player B thought it should be his point. Player A said it should be a do over. What's your call?
  4. At game point 14-14, Player A did a perfect drive serve (Ace), but Player B said he wasn't ready. He was looking at his shoes thinking he should tighten his shoelace. Player A wanted that match point. What's your call?
  5. Player A, a very control player, always talks to himself in the court. He also walks back and forth for a few seconds before every serve. Player B is getting impatience and ask you (the ref.) to issue a warning to Player A to stop this mumbling. What should you do?
  6. Player A did a z-serve... the ball hit the front wall, side wall, and landed right at the corner of the back court (where the back wall, the floor and the side wall meet). Player B said it's a long serve. Player A said it's a good serve. Your friend next to you said it's a 3-wall serve. They all looked at you as you're the Referee. What's your call?
  7. Player A was in the way when Player B took a shot. On follow through, Player B's racquet hit Player A's arm. At the same time, the ball rolled out from the front wall. Player A wanted a injury time-out and a Safety Hinder call. Player B wanted a point. What's your call?
  8. Player A was trapped by Player B at the back corner as Player B was hitting a reverse pinch to the front wall. Player A had no chance to even see what happened, let alone trying to go around Player B to come back out. Player A raised his hand as he missed the ball and asked for a hinder call. Player B thought he did an excellent shot selection and demanded a point. What's your call?
  9. On saving from a good pass shot, Player A hit the ball to the back wall and the ball bounced off and hit Player B's ankle. Player A wanted a dead ball hinder because the ball hit Player B on the way to the front wall. Player B wanted a point, arguing that the ball would not make it to the front wall anyway. What's your call?
  10. Player A ran to the front wall saving a deadly kill shot, pinched the ball to the corner while Player B was still admiring his own perfect kill shot at the back wall . Unfortunately as the ball bounced off from the side wall, it touched Player A. Player B wanted a point because the ball hit Player A. Player A also wanted a point because Player B was clearly in no position to return the ball anyway. What's your call?
  11. Player A, a right-handed player, served from the left-side of the service box. The drive serve passed behind him to Player B's left side so fast that Player B could not get to the ball. Since there was not too much room between Player A and the side wall, Player B wanted a screened serve call. Player A said the serve was good since he did not pass the 3-foot line behind him the whole time. What's your call?
  12. Player A, a tall player, stepped over the front line of the service box during his drive serve. Player B could not return the ball, but complained about his big step during his serve and wanted a fault serve call. Player A said it was a good drive serve and should be his point. What's your call?
  13. Player A hit a very good, powerful and low kill shot. As the ball bounced off from the front wall, it popped up slightly. At the end of the rally, Player B claimed the kill shot was skipped in. Player A said the ball was just going in too fast for him to even see it. What's your call?
  14. True or False: a Z-serve has to be a power serve to be effective.
  15. As the ball was coming off the front wall on a lob serve, Player A started moving back to cover the center court. Player B stepped up to cut off the lob serve behind the dash line (safety line) and made a good cross-court pass. However, his racquet hit Player A on the follow through. Player A wanted a safety hinder call & Player B demands a point. What's your call?