Student Resources


(BUS 233) Business to Business Marketing Resources

Summer 2014 Project Information


(BUS 131A) Business To Business Marketing Resources

Case Study  - A general guide to assist students in their approach to case analysis

Case Analysis "Crib Sheet" (Developed by students to assist with Business to Business Cases)

- Graphic Aids for Studying Business to Business Marketing  (available soon)


(BUS 134B) IMC Resources

Presentation On Presentations - A general guide to creating presentations.

Selecting and Developing IMC Projects 

A general guide to getting started with an Integrated Marketing Communications Project

Fundamentals of an IMC Plan - A guide to assist in the development of an IMC plan.

Group Data Sheet for Bus 134B

Project Nomination Form for Bus 134B

IMC Graphic Outline A visual interpretation of the IMC outline.

"Write It Down" - An infographic about taking notes in class.

Business Development & Market Ownership 

Presented in Bus131A, Bus139, Bus 230, and other "guest speaker" sessions.Also  prepared for ASBBS 20th Annual Conference, Las Vegas, NV 2013.  


Honors Program Resources:

Project Management Checklist

Team Ground Rules Template

Project Management Presentation

What are the differences between High School and College?