Music Education @ SJSU

The Music Education Program at San Jose State University's School of Music and Dance has been noted for its outstanding preparation of music teachers. With newly revised undergraduate and graduate degrees in music education, SJSU brings teachers, performers, and scholars into the 21st century through the proven use of pedagogies as well as new innnovations and technologies. SJSU music education graduates are leaders in their field. They have successful programs, serve in leadership positions, and pass on the love of music and music education to others.

Music education students perform in all music ensembles, and one of the unique aspects of our ensembles and program is the emphasis placed on the importance of performance and musicianship. Methods and conducting courses are all taught by experts, artist-teachers, and music education faculty.

What Students Say...

"You will not find a better school to prepare you for music education. The program is incredibly thorough and is incomparable in its resources to aid in your preparation."

"I didn't realize how well the program at SJSU prepared me for real-world teaching until I started working with a junior high band. It was so exciting to put all of what I learned to practice! The music education program addresses real-life challenges in teaching that I otherwise have even known existed."

"After just two month in the SJSU music education program, I feel a strong sense of belonging and see tremendous improvement in my musical abilities."