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San Jose Music Project Announcement for 2008-2009 School Year (07/05/2008)

The California Music Project and San Jose State University have partnered to provide music education fellowships to music education students who work for eight to ten hours per week within local public schools. Current teachers and administrators apply to participate, and a graduate assistant and the music education coordinator supervise fellows and provide support.

To identify and train promising young music education students and place them in low or middle socio-economic schools (K-12) near the CSU campuses to improve music instruction at these schools and provide fellows with real-life experience. An important success factor for any school music program is the teacher(s); thus better and more extensive training for potential teachers, and support for current teachers is a tangible way to improve music education.

The Sounds of Silence, a 2004 study by the Music for All Foundation, states that music education has suffered the most precipitous decline of all the subjects taught in California's public schools. This portion of the California Music Project would have permanent, long-term sustainability, and far-reaching significance to stem the decline of music education in California. It will address music education at all levels; K-12, by providing assistance to current area music teachers; collegiate teacher preparation, by providing teachers-in-training real-life experience and financial assistance so they have the time to devote to this experience; future leaders, by utilizing an experienced music educator and potential leader in the field as a graduate assistant to help administer the program; all levels by creating a community of support around the university. The CMP anticipates this will make significant changes to area music education and plans to replicate the program in other CSU campuses around the state.

San Jose Music Project Announcement (07/05/2008)
Dear SJSU Music Project Participants and Supporters:

The following fellows have early approval for 2008-2009 - Rebecca Fielder, Elad Sobol, and Julia Cavagnaro.

The following Schools/Teachers have early approval for 2008-2009 - Harry Reed, band director at Olinder Elementary School in San Jose Unified, and Kira Dixon, choral and piano teacher at Silver Creek HS in ESUHSD.


We have 7 slots for fellows, and 8 for teachers/schools. Below are links to download a program description, School Application, and Fellow Application.

  • 2008-2009 Student Application
  • 2008-2009 School Application
  • 2008-2009 Project Description

    Thank you for your participation, interest and support.

    -Dr. Diana Hollinger

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