Other SJSU Student Organizations

Important Student Organizations @SJSU

One of the standards that each university is measured against is "how well are students engaged in their respective fields."  Student organizations are an important part of San Jose State University and here are cyber security and big data related student organizations that meet throughout the academic year.

Management Information Systems Association (MISA)

San Jose State’s Management Information Systems Association is a student organization that provides a professional atmosphere for Business/MIS students to receive support from advisors, faculty and leaders from different fields in information systems. 


Computer Science Club

The Computer Science Club at SJSU strives to gather and motivate computer science students. It provides a forum for sharing opportunities, knowledge and to network. Also it allows students with this common interest to have some fun!

The CS Club is located in MacQuarrie Hall (MH) 227 at SJSU (1 Washington Square, San Jose). The club is open to all students throughout most school days as a study room.


Society for Computer Engineering

The Society for Computer Engineering is a place for students interested in the fields of computer engineering and software engineering to congregate and collaborate. Operated by student volunteers, our student organization strives to offer a good environment for our future engineers to prosper. Study groups, workshops, info sessions, and social events are provided to members of the Society to help our fellow students improve their academics, develop their skill set, learn more about their disciplines, and grow alongside their colleagues.