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We are fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful, innovative, and diverse regions of the world.  Our faculty, staff, students, and alumni reflect that diversity, and we are proud to embrace it as a central part of who we are.

Our accredited Recreation Program has been a central part of San José State University and the surrounding community since 1947.  Our innovative, highly ranked MPH Program (campus and online formats), established in 1970, is one of the first in the country outside of a school of public health, accredited since 1974.  Our increasingly popular Undergraduate Public Health Program provides preparation for entry into public health careers in governmental, private, and non-profit sectors to plan, manage, and evaluate public health services in both community and clinical settings.  We share a proud history of scholarship, leadership, service, and innovation.

The partnership of public health and recreation that has been happening as a pioneer in our department/college at SJSU is actually part of a larger movement nationwide and beyond.  More and more, interdisciplinary community health initiatives include public health and recreation partners.  As recreation professionals make major contributions to public health advocacy and interventions, health professionals are also better understanding and implementing the importance of meaningful leisure and recreation as a key determinant of health.

Progressively, we are at the forefront of transformation.  What a great time to be studying and being part of Public Health and Recreation!  We are especially fortunate to be located in a region rich with transformative, innovative community-based public health initiatives and activities.  As a major force for these initiatives and actions, Public Health and Recreation alumni are leaders in many of the local/regional health, recreation, and community service agencies in interdisciplinary settings.  Their colleagues regularly join them in support of our department's classroom instructions, internships/community-service learning, research and scholarships, and professional development.

Accordingly, our PHR department embraces and benefits greatly from our respectful/meaningful engagement with our students, our alumni, and our community and professional partners not only in San Jose and Northern California, but also nationally and globally!