LGBT and HIV Scholarship

The Staley & Hussey Scholarship for Outstanding Achievement in Promoting LGBTQ+ Equality and/or HIV Prevention

Thanks to a generous gift from Matthew Staley, an MPH alumnus of the SJSU MPH Program, a $1,000 scholarship award has been established to honor an MPH student who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in promoting LGBTQ+ Equality and/or HIV Prevention. Matthew Staley, a SJSU MPH Class of 2000 Graduate, dedicated many years of his personal and professional life to HIV Prevention at the local, state, and national level before being forced into early retirement due to complications from the disease he worked with others to prevent. Quin Hussey (formally Wendy Hussey), a SJSU MPH Class of 2001 Graduate, was instrumental in helping to establish an annual Diversity Event previously held on SJSU's campus. This event was one of many lifelong achievements in promoting LGBTQ+ equality.

Application and supporting documents are due at the time of application for admission into the MPH program. Awards will be announced after a students acceptance of the MPH program. Click here to apply.