Each course you take will have its own Canvas room. Think of Canvas as the classroom extension beyond Tuesday night; it is both file cabinet and communication tool. Functions include:

  • Email to communicate with instructors, course monitors, and fellow students
  • Discussion boards to continue conversations outside of Tuesday night classes
  • Utilizing Web Conferences to practice presentations with group members
  • Collaborations on class projects through Google Docs or Ether Pad
  • Accessing course documents, readings and videos, assignments, and class announcements
  • Grade book to track your progress

Accessing Canvas

You must be registered for each course before you can be added to the Canvas class.  Upon registering for the class you will automatically be enrolled in the Canvas classroom.  If you have not registered, you cannot be added, so make sure you register before the class begins! Exceptions to this include the Canvas Training session for new students and the Distance Student Town Square

  1. Activate your SJSUOne account, using your student ID number and a password you create at This is the same combination you will use to access MySJSU and the campus wireless, during the August Campus Week. You will need to change the password every six months.
  2. Login to Canvas at
  3. Find your class under “Courses” which is next to the SJSU logo at the top left of the page. Your course will appear in a drop down menu. When it is active, it will appear as a blue link.