2019 SJSU competitive programming team

we sent 4 teams to the 2019 ICPC programming competition. it was our first year participating in a long time! we participated in the pacific northwest region division 2. (the hardest region in north america!) we started practicing in september 2019 three times a week for one hour. we had three 5 hour practice contests on saturdays. here are the teams:


We Require Additional Python (8th out of 86 teams)

april-chao-2019-ICPC ryoki-kunii-2019-ICPC  minh-pham-ICPC-2019
April Chao, Frosh, Computer Science - 
I love climbing, 3D printing, and playing Tetris in my spare time. I'm currently just beginning my endeavors into Computer Science, but some topics that interest me are AI, VR/AR, and machine learning. Furthermore, I'm excited to see what challenges lie ahead in ICPC.
Ryoki Kunii, Sophomore, Applied and Computational Mathematics - Likes to climb and eat good Japanese food.
Minh Pham, Junior, Computer Science - Programmer. Writer. Rock climber. Video Gamer. Anime enthusiast.


wasu (11th out of 86 - first to solve a problem in division 2)

 isita-bagayatkar-2019-ICPC  jerry-lee-2019-ICPC  prerana-sunilkumar-2019-ICPC
Isita Bagayatkar, Frosh, Computer Science - 
I am passionate about applying various STEM fields to programming problems and thus, continuously work on expanding my skillset. I look forward to working in the field of artificial intelligence in the future.
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Jerry Lee, Junior, Computer Engineering - 
I like coming up with creative ways to solve problems, even when it doesn't work and becomes a meme later. Some other major-related activities that I am a part of are the intelligent automation systems for robotics and the SJ2 firmware development team. I am most interested in the fields of AI/machine learning and full stack web development (especially with MERN).
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Prerana Sunilkumar,Frosh, Computer Science - I'm a fast learner with a passion for programming and problem-solving. Coming up with the solution or figuring out the fix to an error in a piece of code that I've been struggling with, is what drives me crazy with joy. I'm also an avid book reader and an animal rights activist 🙂
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Spicy Tuna (19th out of 86)

 eunice-oh-2019-ICPC  jonathan-seang-ICPC-2019 Charlotte-Zhuang-2019-ICPC
Eunice Oh, Freshman, Computer Science - I love to learn and build through coding and seeing how the technology I use operates. I'm currently working to improve my algorithmic thinking. I also like listening to K-Pop, drinking coffee, and dabbling in photography and design.
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Jonathan Seang, Frosh, Computer Science - I enjoy trying out new things.
Charlotte Zhuang,
Computer Science & Philosophy


Glorious (40th out of 86)

 khai-nguyen-2019-ICPC  jonathan-tshimpaka-2019-ICPC  azael-zamora-2019-ICPC
Khai Nguyen, Frosh, Software Engineering - I like to learn new things related to computer, even mechanical stuff as well as programming stuff. I like to sleep whenever it's possible.
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Jonathan Tshimpaka
Junior, Computer Science - I am passionate about full stack web development. I have had experience through personal projects and my previous internship. I am always looking for ways to improve my programming skills and learn new technologies. I am currently looking for a summer internship so that I can gain practical experience to complement my coursework.
Azael Zamora,
Sophomore, Computer Science - Topics that interest me: cyber security, machine learning, AI, networking, and bioinformatics. I enjoy running, cooking, doing practice coding problems in my spare time. Really excited what is in store for me in the programming team.
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