2020 SJSU competitive programming team

we sent 5 teams to the 2020 ICPC programming competition. because of COVID, the contest actually happened on march 6th. it was our second year participating! this year, we participated in both division 1 and division 2 in the pacific northwest region. (the hardest region in north america!) the competition lasted for 5 hours. because we were all remote, these are the best competition team photos we could do:

jerry lee fan clubpandamonium team photo

go penguinz team photo11 AM too early team photo


division 1 teams

Jerry Lee fan club (20th out of 44 teams)

jerry lee habib sorathia davin wong
Jerry Lee,

Graduated from SJSU December 2020 - I am currently in the TDP program in Capital One and have a passion in web development and machine learning.


Habib Sorathia,
Recently graduated Alumni with BS in Computer Engineering. Loves solving challenging problems, playing games, and going on long drives. https://www.linkedin.com/in/habibsorathia/

Davin Wong,
Fourth year CmpE student. I got into programming before high school because I took an interest in how the applications I used were created. Right now, I have interest in mobile development, fullstack, and devops careerwise.


Pandamonium (23th out of 44)

april chao azael zamora minh pham
April Chao, Sophomore, Computer Science - I love climbing, 3D printing, and playing Tetris in my spare time. I'm currently just beginning my endeavors into Computer Science, but some topics that interest me are AI, VR/AR, and machine learning. Furthermore, I'm excited to see what challenges lie ahead in ICPC.

Azael Zamora,
Junior, Computer Science - Topics that interest me: cyber security, machine learning, AI, networking, and bioinformatics. I enjoy running, cooking, doing practice coding problems in my spare time. Really excited what is in store for me in the programming team.


Minh Pham, Senior, Computer Science - Programmer. Writer. Rock climber. Video Gamer. Anime enthusiast.



We are who we are (29th out of 44)

  gabriel tenocelotl ryoki kunii
Kyle Carter,
Gabriel Tenocelotl,
Senior, Software Engineering – I like reading, play games and stream on my free time. I am currently pursuing a career in bioinformatics as I enjoy the biological life and computer science. I also love eating food!
Ryoki Kunii,
Junior, Applied and Computational Mathematics - Likes to climb and eat good Japanese food.


division 2 teams


go penguinz (3rd out of 48)

charlotte zhuang kadin tang ujjwal nadhani
Charlotte Zhuang,
Sophomore, Computer Science & Philosophy
loves coding and badminton (lots of coding this year)
Kadin Tang,
Freshman, Computer Science - An ordinary programmer

Ujjwal Nadhani,
Freshman, Computer Science - I'm curious about cryptocurrencies and cybersecurity. I enjoy playing chess and basketball in my spare time.



11 AM too early (8th out of 48)

dominic reed jonathan wang sean widjaja

Dominic Reed,
freshman, computer science
I like to do competitive programming and study computer science. Some things I do with my free time is rock climb, play games, and do coding problems. https://www.linkedin.com/in/dominic-reed-9592741b1/

Jonathan Wang, Freshman, Computer Science - I’m interested in AI, ML, and Robotics. Outside of school, I play or create video games, make neat video edits, run, and swim.

Sean Widjaja, Sophomore, Software Engineering

Avid learner in the fields of coding, operating systems, and video game development. I like to play video games and eat in my spare time.