SJSU Local Contest 2022


contest announcement

we are pleased to invite you to participate in the 2022 SJSU local programming contest. it will be taking place in MacQuarrie Hall on april 30th, 2022 at 11AM until 3PM.

the contest is open to all SJSU undergraduate students and admitted students. it is also open to invited students from local community colleges. SJSU faculty, both full and part-time, are also invited to form teams.

if this is your first time participating in competitive programming or using kattis, one skill you need to develop is parsing the input. in java the Scanner class is your friend! (unless there is a lot of input, then you will need something more efficient.) an easy problem to try out is

team requirements

we follow roughly the ICPC style competition. contestants work in teams of 3. we run the contest on kattis, so please practice submitting problems on before the competition. during the competition you may only use API documentation as reference. you cannot look at any outside sources or algorithms. it is just you and your teammates solving the problems.

the ICPC competition is for students early in their academic careers (first 4 or 5 years). there is a specific qualification flow chart that we use eligibility decision tree . please make sure that all teammates qualify using that decision tree. note, for the SJSU local contest we also allow SJSU faculty to compete on a faculty team.

you can register your team at (each team member must register using that link). there must be exactly 3 team members on each team. YOU MUST BE REGISTERED BY MIDNIGHT APRIL 29th.

contest rules

1) teams must have 3 eligible members that have preregistered.

2) teams cannot use any outside resources including people, notes, books, google, etc except for language and API references. no prewritten code or public code may be used. this is more strict than normal ICPC rules.

3) kattis will judge the solutions. the kattis results are final.

4) winning teams must be able to explain a solution chosen by the contest coordinator/audience in order to qualify as a winner.

5) the full team must be present in the zoom call at the start of the competition to review the rules and and the end of the competition to accept results.

contest schedule

your team must be registered and in the opening zoom call by 11AM on april 30th. we will review the rules and procedures and will be starting by 11:30. the contest will last 3 hours and the winners will be announced at 3PM. the winning team will need to explain one solution as chosen by the audience.


there will be cash prizes for the 1st place team, the next highest SJSU team, and the next highest team with an admitted spartan or 1st year student. each winning team will receive $150 to split 3 ways.