experimental courses

Here are the current experimental courses that i will be teaching:

Fall 2022

CS 85A: Applied Algorithms I

A 1 unit Credit/No Credit class meeting once a week for 50 mins to practice applying to concepts from 46B to solve problems. We will be doing a new problem each week. All solutions will be implemented in Java.The course is designed both for students who are still not comfortable programming and for students who want to hone their programming skills. For more details, check out the syllabus. Taking this course along with CS 185A in the spring will count as one of your CS electives. Check out the promotional video.

CS 185C: Distributed Systems

A 3 unit CS elective that introduces students to the world of distributed systems. (In other words, the world in which we live! Who writes apps that only run on one computer?!?) We will be looking at challenges and solutions in distributed systems. We will also be doing four programming projects to experience those challenges and solutions :) All programs will be in Java using gRPC. For more details, check out the syllabus. Check out the promotional video.