Professional & Service Activity

Professional & Service Activity

  • Academic Senate
    Senator, 1989-1996

    Description: Senator representing the College of Education (1989-1996 and 2004-2008) Member of the Executive Committee (1992-93, 1994, 2004-05)

  • University Curriculum and Research Committee
    Member, 1989-1993

    Description: Includes participation in Multicultural Advisory Board ad hoc committee (1990-1991) whose initial work lead to the establishment later on of Campus Climate Committee.

  • Department Committees-- Special Education Dept.
    Various, 1989-2008

    Description: Curriculum Committee (1990-2008). Community Advisory (1990-2008). Personnel Committee (Chair, 1996-1999) (Member 1990-2008). Review of Department Chair (1995, and 2001). Faculty searches (1996 on as necessary). Leadership Committee (1999-2006)

  • College of Education Committees
    Various, 1989-2014

    Description: Library Committee (1989-1991) Ad hoc Committee to Explore Governance Issues and Models (1990-1991). Ad hoc Committee to Promote Intellectual Community at the COE (1990-1991). COE Multicultural Committee (1989-1991). Ad hoc Technology Committee (1993-1996). Faculty Governance Council (1990-1993). Ad hoc Apple-SJUSD-COE Committee COE Curriculum Committee COE Personnel Committee

  • Other Committees
    Membership and leadership elected or appointed, 1990-2014

    Description: Ad hoc Committee on English Language Studies (1989-1991). Search Committees for-- Provost, VicePresident of Student Affairs, Assistant to the President on Campus Climate, Dean for College of Education. Committee for Evaluation of Vice President for Administration DK (1999-2000), and AVP of Faculty Affairs. Provost's Campus Planning Council. Advisory Committee for Urban and Regional Planning Department, and Faculty Search and Evaluation Committees. Search Committee for Dean of Social Science.

  • National Task Force on Cultural Diversity US Department of Education
    Member, 1992-1992

    Description: Identify Multicultural Competencies.

  • Campus Climate Committee
    Elected, 1995-2000

    Description: Committee created to attend to challenging issues dealing with campus' cultural and linguistic diversity across all levels-- students, faculty and staff.

  • Campus Planning Board
    Chair, 1999-2001

    Description: Reviewed and approved proposed and ongoing campus projects related to facilities. Began participating in the committee since 1997.

  • Lurie College of Education Alumni Board
    Volunteer, 1999-2014

    Description: Involved with fundraising activities for the College and its students. Elected Treasurer (1999-2001).

  • Athletics Board
    Member, 2000-2001

    Description: Reviewed plans, coaches, adherence to policies, and proposed projects related to SJSU athletics.

  • Lurie College of Education Council of Chairs
    Member, 2001-2014

    Description: Provide suggestions and propose projects to Dean.

  • Social Science GEAP for BOGS
    Member, 2003-2003

    Description: Reviewed and recommended for approval proposed curriculum and courses for general education.

  • Division of Teacher Education/Elementary Education Committees
    Member-- Elementary Education, 2003-2005

    Description: Bilingual Program Advisory Board- (1991-1994) Academy for Language and Literacy Development (original LACES) (1995-1997) Collaborative Reading Institute- (2003-2005) Personnel Committee (2010-2014)

  • Heritage Committee of the Academic Senate
    Member, 2005-2014

    Description: Investigate and propose projects connected to the legacy of SJSU. Worked with SJSU's 150th Anniversary Planning Sub-Committee, and SJSU's Preservation Sub-Committee.

  • Institute for Teaching and Learning--Teacher Scholar
    Member, 1995-1996

    Description: Selected to represent the College of Education.

  • President's Roundtable on Higher Education
    Member, 1995-1996

    Description: Address issues related to the quality of campus life, and propose suggestions to address the challenges as SJSU redefined itself as a Metropolitan University.

  • Division of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Exceptional Learners in CEC
    Vice-President (1997-1999) and President (1999-2001), 1997-2001

    Description: One of the youngest division of the International Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) (education and services). Elected to the Board of Directors (1993-1996), (2000-2003). Addressed issues related to the interpretation and affirmation of cultural and linguistic diversity, and other gender-related issues.

  • Academic Senate--Professional Standards Committee
    Member, 2012-2014

    Description: Voting member. Representing the College of Education.

  • American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education (AACTE)
    Meetings and Professional Development Committee, 2012-2015

    Description: Nominated and selected member of AACTE's Meetings and Professional Development Committee at the national level. Committee members meet twice a year to review and recommend scheduling of proposals recommended for the annual conference program, and to draft the call for proposals for the following year. At the conference, members meet to share impressions of the success of the program drafted the previous summer, and to make recommendations to AACTE's implementation team.