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Rakesh  Ranjan

Ranjan, Rakesh

Lecturer AY-A,  Computer Engineering

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5:30-6:00PM & 8:45-9:15PM in Clark Bldg. 117

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  • Master of Science. CSU-San Jose, 2009
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Electronic/Electrical Engineer
    Institution of Engineers , India, 1993


  • Part time Lecturer in Computer Engineering Department; teaching Enterprise Software Overview (CMPE272/SE272/172) and Software Testing & QA (CMPE287/187). My research interests include Enterprise Information Management & Integration, Big Data Analytic, and Data Warehouse in general. I blog at technology topics at Expressions
  • Manages a high performance Software QA team at IBM Silicon Valley Lab in San Jose CA. Enterprise software systems architect, Over 16 years of Software & Systems Development and IT industry experience. Large product build and test development, Clear case Integration and Clear Quest, extensive programming skills with C/C++, Java, RPG, PHP, Python and Perl.
  • Extensive development experience with IBM's flagship database DB2, expertise in large product Build environment, make tools, Rational tools and Open Source development framework.
  • Effective communication, presentation and interpersonal skills and strong team player, frequent speaker at COMMON User group conferences, writes on technology topics
  • Ability to execute with completeness of vision.
  • Software Testing & QA, Enterprise software architecture. Leadership, Strategic Planning & Execution, Forward Thinking.