Tea and Zen Have One Taste - Practice

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A grey and pink glazed Korean tea bowl. The cracks are mended with gold lacquer. It is the shape of a rice bowl.

A blue brocade bag with a gold design of paulownia leaves. It is cylindrical in shape. The purple cords of its drawstring are tied in a bow knot.

A bamboo tea scoop. It is a little shorter than a pencil and about as wide. The tip is curved upwards. This end is used to scoop the tea. The surface of the scoop is still covered with the speckled skin of the bamboo. This scoop has three natural bamboo nodes in it. It has a strong, rustic feel to it.

A cylindrical thick tea container with a mouth about an inch wide at the top. An ivory lid seals the mouth of the jar. Buff-colored, unglazed clay can be seen at the bottom of the jar. The glaze is brown with darker drips of the thicker glaze running down from the jar's shoulders.

Some of the utensils used to prepare thick tea

An old Korean Tea Bowl

Brocade Bag for the Thick Tea Container

Thick Tea Container named Unsui, Clouds and Water

Tea Scoop named Dai Yu Ho, "Big Mountain"

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