Tea and Zen Have One Taste - Practice

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A woman in a dark blue kimono and red obi sits on the tatami mat in front of a small square hearth cut in the floor of the tearoom. She hold metal chopsticks in her right hand as she prepares to place charcoal in the hearth. To the left of the hearth is a large gourd basket containing black wood charcoal. A feather and an incense container sit on the tatami behind the basket. There is a bowl of ash to the left, behind the woman. To the viewer's right is a blue and white water jar resting on a wooden board.

Sumidemae - The arrangement of charcoal

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Lecture Notes

After the host greets the guests, he or she may perform a charcoal ritual. Because the condition of the fire used to heat the water is crucial, charcoal is arranged at the beginning of a tea gathering in winter and after the meal in summer.