Data Analysis With EpiInfo and EpiData Analysis

B. Burt Gerstman (Nov. 2000)

The only way humans can do BETTER than computers is to take a chance of doing WORSE. So we have got to take seriously the need for steady progress toward teaching routine procedures to computers rather than to people. That will leave the teachers of people with only things hard to teach, but this is our proper fate.--John W. Tukey (1980)

-- Preface --

  1. Some Statistical Basics
  2. Version 6 Basics
  3. EpiData Notes, Short Overview of EpiData, EpiTour
  4. Epi Info 2002
  5. Approaches Toward Data Analysis  
  6. Continuous Outcome, Single Group
  7. Continuous Outcome, Paired Samples
  8. Continuous Outcome, Two Independent Groups
  9. Continuous Outcome, Several Independent Groups
  10. Continuous Outcome, Continuous Predictor
  11. Continuous Outcome, Multiple Predictors
  12. Binary Outcome, Single Group
  13. Binary Outcome, Cohort and Cross-Sectional Samples
  14. Binary Outcome, Case-Control Samples
  15. Binary Outcome, Stratified Analysis
  16. Binary Outcome, Matched Samples
  17. Binary Outcome, Test for Trend
  18. Binary Outcome, Multiple Predictors - under development.
  19. A Cases Count in an Open Population
  20. Discrete Outcome, One Group
  21. Nominal Outcome, Independent Groups

Tables: Z | t | Chi-Square| StaTable (Cytel Corp.)