Eat, Look, Go:

Romanticism, Aestheticism, and the Sensualism of Travel

English 232, M 4-6:45pm (Fall 2011)
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Reading Due

Assignment Due
Mon 8/29

Introductions: You, Me, British Romanticism & �Taste�

Readings Brainstorming & Introduction to the Romantic period

Related Texts
See also Mellor & Matlak introduction, Marilyn Gaull recommended text

Mon 9/5

Labor Day
No Class Meeting

Presentation Instructions Distributed via email

Accept Google Groups invitation for Weekly Postings

Sign up for Presentation Day by Friday (9/9), 5pm via email (provide 3 choices)

Mon 9/12

Metaphors of Taste: The Pleasures of Gustatory Appetite & Literary Aesthetics

  • Gigante, �Aesthetics and Appetite: An Introduction,� Chp. 1, Taste

  • Josiah Condor, �Reviewers Reviewed� 1811 (pdf)

  • Coleridge, �Letter to William Godwin� (Mellor 711)

  • Tastes & Pleasures,� Carolyn Korsmeyer, Romantic Gastronomies

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"Taste" (OED)
"Aesthetics" (OED)
"The Humanities and the Aesthetic" blog post re NASSR seminar
Chart: cost of literary materials (from kdh work)
Preliminary Questions on Aesthetics & Taste (from NEH Seminar)
Readings from NEH Seminar on Aesthetics (zip file)
Consider joining the NASSR-Listserv

Weekly Writing posted to Google Groups by 10am

Mon 9/19

Sublime, Picturesque, Beautiful: Imagination, Pleasure, Desire


  • �Aesthetic Theory and Literary Criticism,� (Mellor 125-28)

  • Burke, excerpt from A Philosophical Enquiry (Mellor (134-137)

  • Gilpin, excerpt from Three Essays (Mellor 138-140)

  • Coleridge, from Lecture 13 �On Poesy or Art� (Mellor 756-59)

  • Gigante, �The Century of Taste,� Shaftesbury, Hume, Burke,� Chp. 3, Taste

Related Texts
The Three Tours of Dr. Syntax in Search of the Picturesque, A Poem (1812 & 1821; satire illustrated by Thomas Rowlandson; images available online & text available in KH office)
Encyclopedia of the Romantic Era (in SJSU library)
Romanticism: An Oxford Guide
"The Life and Death of Dr. Syntax" (BBC)
Dr. Syntax Summarized

More images of Dr. Syntax

Landscape slideshow

Weekly Writing posted to Google Groups by 10am

Mon 9/26

Travel & Acquiring Taste: The Grand Tour


  • Wollstonecraft, from Letters Written During a Short Residence in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark (Mellor 420-25)

  • Shelley, Mary, from History of a Six Weeks Tour (Mellor 1324-25)

  • Shelley, Percy, �Mont Blanc� (Mellor 1063-64)

  • Wordsworth, Introduction, Guide to the Lakes (1906) (Google Books)

  • Moore, The Fudge Family in Paris (Google Books)

Related Texts

Weekly Writing posted to Google Groups by 10am

Elizabeth Soares (Wollstonecraft Letters & Shelley Six Weeks)
Melissa Young (Moore)

Mon 10/3

Growth of the Poets Mind (Traveling towards Aesthetics)


  • Wordsworth, The Prelude (Mellor 635-56)

  • Gigante, �Digesting Wordsworth,� Chp. 4

Related Texts
Meyenberg & Vincent,
Wordsworth's Route Over the Simplon in 1790: A Reconstruction
Example of an emblem

Weekly Writing posted to Google Groups by 10am

Kate Yount (Wordsworth)
Foday Mattia (Wordsworth)

Mon 10/10

(Wo)Man of Taste: Novels vs. Poetry


  • Wollstonecraft, Vindications of the Rights of Woman (Mellor 371-413)

  • Wordsworth, Preface to Lyrical Ballads (Mellor 573-81)

  • Coleridge, from Biographia Literaria (Mellor 745-55)

  • Shelley, Percy, from A Defence of Poetry (Mellor 1167-78)

  • Johnson, Rambler No. 4 (pdf)

  • Barbauld, from On the Origin and Progress of Novel-Writing (Mellor 171-180)

Related Texts
Gregory, A Father's Legacy to His Daughers [conduct manual]

Weekly Writing posted to Google Groups by 10am

Doll Piccotto (Wollstonecraft)

Mon 10/17

Special Collections Visit, 4-5pm
5th Floor, King Library

Mon 10/24

Experimenting with Literary Taste


  • Wordsworth & Coleridge, Lyrical Ballads (1798, London)  � read the Advertisement and all poetry, especially �Tintern Abbey� and �Rime of the Ancient Mariner�

  • Jeffrey, a review of Wordsworth's poetry (Mellor 157-158)

Related Texts
Clare, �The Peasant Poet� & �Pastoral Poesy� (Mellor 1251, 1252-53)

Final Project Instructions (distributed via email)
Poetry: Wordsworth vs. Shelley
Table of Contents Compared, Lyrical Ballads

Weekly Writing posted to Google Groups by 10am

Jill Harper (Lyrical Ballads w/emphasis on "Rime")

Mon 10/31

Traveling to Learn Aesthetics & Taste


  • Shelley, Frankenstein (1818) Vol. I & 1831 Introduction

Related Texts

Weekly Writing posted to Google Groups by 10am

Maren Lassner (Shelley)
Amanda Kolstad-Stobaugh (Shelley)

Mon 11/7

Traveling to Learn Aesthetics & Taste � cont.


  • Shelley, Frankenstein (1818) � Vols. II-III

  • Wordsworth, �Lines Written a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey� (Mellor 571-73)

  • Sturgeon, Essays, Moral, Philosophical, and Stomachical (Gusto 79-125)

Related Texts

  • Lewis, The Monk

  • Radcliffe, Castle Rackrent or A Sicilian Romance

  • Scott, Waverley

Final Project Proposal (email by 12pm today)

(No presentations today)

Mon 11/14 Mapping Project: Travel Guides/Narratives in Google Maps

See "Spatial Humanities: Step by Step"

Location Provided during class last week

Since we can't get a computer lab, how about we spend the evening with my collection of rare books
Read my article on literary annuals for prep:
Harris, "Feminizing the Textual Body: Women and their Literary Annuals in Nineteenth-Century Britain." PBSA 99:4 (Dec 2005): 573-622.
Introduction, Gothic Short Stories in the Annuals (HO)

Mon 11/21

Colonial Appetites & Consumerism

Visit from Professor Krishnaswamy (4-5:15)

  • Coleridge, �Kubla Khan� (Mellor 729-30)

  • DeQuincy, from Confessions of an English Opium Eater (Mellor 848-65)

  • Morton, Intro & Chps. 1, The Poetics of Spice (pdf - emailed via Google Groups only due to copyright restrictions)

  • Orientalism Handout & readings (from Prof. Krishnaswamy) (pdf & emailed via Google Groups due to copyright restrictions) (added 11/15/11)

Related Texts

Weekly Writing posted to Google Groups by 10am

Genevieve Sanvictores (Coleridge & DeQuincey) - 2nd half of class

Mon 11/28



  • Charles Lamb, �A Dissertation Upon Roast Pig,� (Gusto 129)

  • Kitchiner, from The Cook's Oracle (Gusto 57-70)

  • Byron, Don Juan Canto II (Mellor 80-997)

  • Gigante, Chp. 5 & 6, Taste

Related Texts
Clare, �Nutting� (Mellor 1249)

Weekly Writing posted to Google Groups by 10am

Patricia Pinedo (Byron)
Melissa Young (Lamb)

Mon 12/5

Modern Man of Taste

  • from The Gourmand's Almanac & The Host's Manual, (Gusto 1-55)

  • Gigante, Chp. 8, Taste

Weekly Writing posted to Google Groups by 10am

Final Exam Meeting: December 12th, 2:45pm-5pm

Final Projects & Presentations Due


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