The SJSU MPH program is a central part of the Health Science and Recreation Department, one of 10 academic units in the College of Applied Sciences and Arts. The missions, goals, and educational objectives of the university, the college, and the department are closely aligned. We are proud of this university and our history within in. We invite you to learn more about SJSU, the Health Science and Recreation Department, and our future directions.

Our MPH program is offered in two formats. The on-campus program was established in 1970 and graduated its first cohort in 1972. It is administered through the university’s regular session, with traditional semesters, multiple courses at a time, full-time or part-time student status, and class sessions in person on the SJSU campus.

We introduced the Online Program in 2007 and have graduated 5 cohorts to date. Online students pay higher fees through the university’s “special session”, which allows our accelerated, intensive format, with courses taught one at a time over 24 months. Cohorts of 22-25 students begin and end together, and administration is handled through the SJSU College of International and Extended Studies (IES). Whether distance or campus format, the MPH degree is accredited by CEPH, and is awarded by San José State University.