Advisory Groups

The MPH program is supported by several different advisory and working groups. Convened in recent years to review our curriculum, help redesign our Comprehensive Exam, or revise our fieldwork guidelines, these groups bring together alumni and community partners for dialogue and recommendations that keep our program relevant and ahead of the curve. The insight and expertise of the members of these groups are invaluable to our students and faculty.

MPH Advisory Group

In the past, we convened the MPH Advisory Group, composed of expert health educators, public health specialists, and alumni who provided curricular guidance and feedback to the program faculty. The Advisory Group was extremely helpful in curriculum review; assisting the Program Director in identifying necessary and changing professional skills and competencies; and prioritizing topics or skills to better prepare students for the challenges of contemporary public health practice and scholarship.

In 2010, we convened two advisory groups to help us devise our new comprehensive exam, one comprised of recent graduates and the other comprised of a select group of esteemed public health leaders. We have made significant changes to our curriculum and MPH program policies based on recently revised CEPH accreditation criteria, the Institute of Medicine's recommendations for improving public health professional education, the Associated Schools of Public Health MPH Core Competency Development Project, and the National Health Educator Competencies Update Project. In 2012, we convened an advisory group of fieldwork preceptors to present and validate findings from our fieldwork preceptor survey.

CEPH Working Groups

As during our last CEPH self-study, we formed advisory groups to address data and policy development requirements of the revised CEPH accreditation criteria and its 4-chapter structure. Each working group is chaired by a member of the MPH core faculty. The composition of each work group has another MPH core faculty and/or HS faculty member, an alum and/or appropriate university official, and two students.

The MPH Fieldwork Preceptors Advisory Group

The MPH Fieldwork Preceptors Advisory Group is composed of public health professionals who serve as fieldwork preceptors for MPH students. This group advises the program faculty on all issues relating to fieldwork and this key aspect of professional preparation. On-going consultation occurs during fieldwork site visits and surveys. We convened the MPH Fieldwork Advisory Group to present the results of our 2012 Fieldwork Preceptor survey and corroborate results.