Culminating Experience

Per University policy, graduate students must fulfill SJSU's Graduation Requirement through successful completion of a culminating experience that demonstrates individual mastery of the breadth and depth of coursework completed for the degree.

Successful completion of the MPH Comprehensive Exam satisfies distance students' culminating experience requirement. The 3-day exam is administered on campus during the final August Campus session. During the written exam, students respond to a request for proposals (RFP) modeled upon the kinds of RFPs currently used in public health.

Over the three days, students respond to various sections of the RFP from the perspective of a community health educator representing a public or non-profit agency. This exam allows students to demonstrate their competency in the core skills of public health, their advanced mastery of health education theory and methods, and their ability to address the administrative, organizational, ethical, and contextual elements of public health interventions.