The MPH curriculum "unfolds" for distance students as they take individual courses in a specific sequence with their cohort. Regardless of sequencing, MPH courses can be organized into three broad categories: Health Education Core Courses, Public Health Courses, and Fieldwork. These courses are listed below; for more information, see the complete course descriptions. You can also view course sequences by cohort year.

Health Education Core Courses

HS 200 Contemporary Practice: Public Health, Health Promotion, and Community Health Education (2 units)
HS 201 Groups and Training: Theory and Practice (2 units)
HS 269: Applied Data Analysis (3 units)
HS 271 Theoretical Foundations of Public Health (3 units)
HS 272 Health Promotion Planning and Evaluation (3 units)
HS 293 Leadership for Health Professionals (2 units)

Public Health Core Courses

HS 261 Epidemiology (3 units)
HS 262 Health Services Organization (2 units)
HS 263 Principles and Skills of Health Administration (2 units)
HS 265 Environmental Health (3 units)
HS 267 Computational Public Health Statistics (3 units) (Concurrent Prerequisite Preparation in Biostatistics)
HS 276 Community Organization and Health Promotion (3 units)
HS 277 Multicultural Communication for Health Professionals (3 units)
HS 295 Research Design and Methodology (3 units)

Fieldwork (291 series)

Fieldwork Seminar
Fieldwork Practicum
Fieldwork Synthesis

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