Incomplete Course Grades

Students who cannot fulfill all the work for a course due to extenuating circumstances may be assigned an incomplete only if arrangements are made with the instructor prior to the completion of the course. An incomplete must be made up within one calendar year from the end of the term in which it was assigned, whether or not the student maintains continuous enrollment. Failure to complete the assigned work and have it evaluated by the established deadline will result in an "I" being converted to an "IC", which assigns no credit for the course. It is the faculty member's responsibility to review the work once it is submitted, assign the semester grade, and convert the Incomplete grade to the appropriate letter through the Registrar's Office. However, it is very important that online students stay on top of this matter. The two most important things you can do are 1) get the work done (and submitted) by the deadline, and 2) gently remind the instructor of the urgency of assigning a final letter grade..

Grade Verification

Final grade posting to MySJSU for individual courses may be delayed due to the unusual length and sequencing of online courses. In such cases, when students need verification of course grades before they are listed in MySJSU, students should contact the MPH Coordinator (Dr. Monica Allen) for a letter of grade verification. Additionally, students can take screen captures of their final grade in the Canvas grade book, if this will suffice.