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I-House Open All Year

I-House offers a one-semester contract. Most of our residents choose to live at the I-House for at least five semesters while they attend SJSU. While we hope our residents will choose to extend their stay, we offer the option of moving out mid-year if that is a student's preference.

Students may stay during winter and summer breaks at per diem rates. Many residents work towards a reduction in their rent while staying over the winter and summer breaks.

Since I-House is open year-round, students who will live at I-House in the Fall/Spring semesters can move into I-House upon arrival in the U.S. and in San Jose instead of waiting for a fixed start date and time for all residents.  Let us know in advance and we'll confirm that there is a room available if your arrival date is prior to the start of the contract.

All of the following facilities and equipment are included in room and board fees: Utilities; wireless internet access throughout the I-House; use of the computer room with Mac, PC, scanner, printers, and gaming area; access to the student kitchen; pool/table tennis/foosball/air hockey and board games; 2 pianos, drum set, and I-House guitars; Dining Room, Study Room, Computer Room, Recreation Rooms, Living Room.

International House is financed entirely through payments made by residents to cover their room and board expenses.

Financial Aid Accepted

Students receiving financial aid must provide copies of paperwork from the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office indicating that all forms have been submitted, and as processing is completed, must provide copies of statements indicating that financial aid will be provided in amounts sufficient to cover room and board fees after tuition and books have been deducted.

Financial aid distributed through the SJSU Financial Aid office will be paid directly to the student who is responsible for covering payments to the I-House. Upon acceptance to the I-House, balanced monthly payments can be arranged.   Contact the Director to set up an individualized payment plan.  


Grant-in-Aid Positions

Also, in exchange for work at the I-House throughout the semester or the breaks, the Grant-in-Aid program offers room and board at reduced rates; 25–30 Grant-in-Aid positions are available to residents who work 3–8 hours per week towards a rent reduction of $325–$1400 per semester. Applications for Grant-in-Aid positions are reviewed at the beginning of the semester.


Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 rates 

The following housing rates reflect our one semester contract at the International House. While most residents choose to stay semester after semester at I-House, residents are not locked into a full year contract.

Room and Program Fees

Meal Membership

Application Fee None
Semester Rent (Room) $4,911
Semester Meals (Board) $2,632
Room and Board total $7,543
Semester Student Council Activity Fee $60
Semester Parking Fee for Residents (optional) $200
Linen Rental (optional) $50 deposit +
$50 rental fee
Wireless Internet Access Fees None
  • I-House is open year-round.  Fall and Spring residents can move in upon arrival in San Jose.  Give us advance notice of your arrival to make sure a room is available if you will arrive prior to the start of the semester contract. 
  • See contract for details regarding dates of meal service.
  • Upon acceptance to live at International House, $2,515.00 is due with contract.
  • New residents pay a refundable one-time $100.00 Room Care Deposit with their first payment.
  • At the commencement of the semester, the next installment of $2,515.00 is due.
  • The final installment is due on October 1 for Fall semester, March 1 for Spring semester.
  • Contact the Director to set up an individualized payment plan. Financial Aid is accepted. Nearly half of our residents work towards a reduction in rent (see GIA)

Payment Options

  • Academic semester payments are made in three installments. Payment plans can be arranged for payments to be made on a monthly basis.
  • We accept credit cards for most payments. Once you are accepted to live at International House, we will provide you a link so that your payments can be made online using your credit card.
  • All checks must be drawn on a U.S. correspondent bank in U.S. dollars and made payable to the SJSU Foundation.
  • Once in the United States, payments may be made may be made by credit card, by personal check or cashier's check from a local bank, or by traveler's checks.

Refund Policy

Before making your payment, please be aware of our cancellation and refund policies:

For Fall and Spring Semester Residents

Once accepted to stay at International House and up to the cancellation deadline, a $100 non-refundable reservation fee + 7% of total refund will be charged upon cancellation of contract. The license of an incoming student may be cancelled without further penalty 60 days prior to the official Fall semester move-in date, and 60 days prior to the official Spring semester move-in date. The financial penalties for voiding a signed license without meeting the deadline are as follows: After the deadline and up to 14 days prior to the move-in date, $2,596.00 will be forfeited; 14 days prior to move-in date and thereafter, no refunds will be given on a broken contract.

For Summer/Winter Residents

Once accepted to stay at International House and up to 14 days prior to the move-in date, a $100 non-refundable reservation fee + 7% of total refund will be charged upon notification of cancellation. Less than 14 days prior to move-in, or once a resident has moved in to the International House, no refunds will be provided. Please note that for RMC International Music Competition participants, no refunds will be provided.

For Parking Fees

Requests for cancellation of reserved parking will be reviewed at the discretion of the Director. Refunds may be pro-rated, and a 7% cancellation charge will be levied in addition to funds owed.

For Linen:

To rent linen (flat and fitted sheet, blanket, pillow and pillow case, bath towel and hand towel)  from I-House for the entire semester, the cost is a non-refundable $50 rental fee and a $50 refundable deposit. Both must be paid by credit card. We will refund the linen deposit upon return of all linen in good condition.

Meal Plan Options

The I-House offers a Single Meal plan. All residents are required to be on it. Meals to be served at International House include:

Mondays through Thursdays: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Fridays Brunch and Dinner
Saturdays, Sundays Brunch

Residents of I-House will also be provided a Community 50 Meal Plan, which provides 50 single entries to the Dining Commons on campus. The 50 Meal Plan single entries can be used for guest swipes. Community Meal Plan Meals expire at the end of the Spring semester.

Special Dietary Needs

The license to occupy a residence at the International House includes mandatory food service. Special dietary needs will be accommodated wherever possible.  Please note that no reduction of food service fees will be permitted for dietary or related concerns.


Summer Rates

Year-round residents pay $20.00/night for double rooms, not including linen (sheets, blankets, towels)

Individuals who live at I-House during the summer only and who stay for 21+ days:

$30.00/night for double rooms without linen.  

Linen (Flat and fitted sheet, blanket, pillow and pillow case, bath towel and hand towel) can be rented from I-House for $100 including $50 refundable deposit upon return of all items in good condition, and $50 non-refundable rental fee.  Both must be paid by credit card. 

Stays shorter than 21 days must be approved by the Director.

For conference groups, please contact I-House to make arrangements regarding availability and rates.

Parking Rates

Parking rate is $200.00 for residents and $300.00 for non-residents (subject to availability).

Spaces in the I-House parking lots are assigned as parking fees are paid. Residents have priority to receive parking and choose a preferred space as the payment is made. Space permitting, parking is made available to non-residents.