Resident Life

“The warm and supportive environment of the I-house provides an ideal way for students to increase both confidence and language skills.”

Ann Campsey
International Gateways teacher

I-House is definitely a wonderful place to live! It's so much like home and not some typical residence hall! Key features of I-House life include safety, friendly and fun atmosphere, helpful residents, co-operative I-House staff, and international exposure. The Fall 2014 Resident Statistics can be found here.

Different activities, facilities and staff support and especially interaction with peers from around the world, will help you make the cultural, personal, and academic adjustments more easily. Resident life at I-House teaches how can you deal with cultural differences.

I-House Residents represent approximately 25 countries worldwide who are enrolled in undergraduate, graduate and English language programs at SJSU and hold a variety of academic interests, ranging from computer science and engineering, political science and humanities, to visual and performance arts!