Multi-Physics And Circuit (M-PAC) Lab

Mission: Development of novel materials, devices and circuits for a more sustainable world

Principal Investigator: Dr. Hiu-Yung Wong (


  • Novel Ultra Wide Bandgap Power Devices to reduce carbon footprint
  • Cryogenic Electronics Modeling for Quantum Computing Interface
  • Machine Learning in TCAD to improve fabrication yield
  • Novel devices for sub-5nm technologies
  • Opto-Electronics
  • Neuromorphic Computing
  • IoTs with low power and high reliability

Methodologies: Simulation (Ab-initio, TCAD, SPICE) and Fabrication

We are looking for people to work in the following areas:

Opto-Electronics using RSoft

UWBG TCAD and compact model

Multiphysics programming

Circuit and compact model for novel devices

Machine Learning

Quantum transport and ab-initio simulation



Name Research Projects Period
Yan Ka Chiu (G)

Machine Learning on TCAD

Summer 2019-
Long Dinh (UG)

Low Power Bandgap Reference Design

Fall 2019 -
Adam Elwailly (UG)

WBG TCAD and Compact Modeling

Winter 2019-
Yaovi Gbedjeha (UG)

Analog Circuit

Sprig 2019 -
Srihari Gubbi (G)

IC Design

Summer 2019 -
Varada Kanchi (G)

IC Design

Spring 2019 -
Kashyap Mehta (G)

Machine Learning

Winter 2019 -
Anh Nguyen (G)

Neuromorphic and Analog Circuit

Spring 2020 -
Sophia Susan Raju (G)

Machine Learning

Winter 2019 -
Abhishek Raol (G)

FerroElectric Devices

Fall 2018 -
Johan Saltin (G)

Sub-5nm Transistor, WBG Devices, Radiation Hardness

Fall 2018 -

Sri Krishna Phanindra Settaluri (G)

Opto-Electronics Summer 2018 -

Armand Tenkeu (G)

Circuit, WBG Devices Fall 2018 -

Sruthi Venimadhavan (G)

Neuromorphic Periphery Circuits Spring 2020 -


 Hoang Cao (UG)

 ReRAM and ML

Fall 2019

 Thanh Lam (UG)

 ReRAM and ML

Fall 2019

 Hoi Nguyen (UG)

 OpenFoam, SiC, ReRAM

Summer 2019-Fall 2019

Yogeswara Sarat Bankapalli (Grad)

Machine Learning in TCAD

Master Project: "Machine Learning in TCAD for Semiconductor Fabrication Failure Troubleshooting"

Fall 2018 - Summer 2019
Khoa Huynh (Grad) Circuit, Compact Models (ReRAM, FE), SRAM radiation Hardness Fall 2018 - Summer 2019


Senior Projects:


Spring 2020 - Fall 2020

Actuator Circuit for Phones

Wai Aung, Fook Ning Chan, Thadoe Pyaethu, Yishan Shi

Traffic flow control with machine learning Jonathan Azevedo, Sean Fricker, Poliva Hou, Elizabeth Pham


Fall 2019 - Spring 2020

Opto-electronic Simulation of Lidar-on-chip using RSoft

Keren Yin, Ziyun He, Shaofeng liang

Outdoor Solar-Powered Wireless Phone Charging Stations Aydin Kiasat, Quan Tran,
Zaw Nyi Zin
Smart Bike Tony Pulido, Yaovi Gbedjeha, Ahmad Hamid


 Spring 2019 - Fall 2019


Sanghwan Lim,Tomas Pirir, Quang Duong

Model Behavior of Neurons in Human Brain and Interaction Between them by Using ReRAM in Electrical Circuits Hoang Cao,
Hoi Nguyen,
Thanh Lam


Fall 2018 - Spring 2019

Ultra-low Power Bandgap References Jewel Sumabat,
MiKyong Chang,
Qiaoyun Blodget
Power Storage to Light LEDs using Piezoelectric Materials Charlene Magang,
Carrie Gong,
Simran Mahendraker
Solar Energy Harvesting Module for Car Vuong Trinh,
Thao Nguyen,
Kyle Bennett,
Armand Tenkeu
Solar Powered Motion Sensor with Alarm Cristian Chavez,
Kevin Leong,
Cho Thin