CE 95 Theory and Application of Statics



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Lecture Modules

Chapter 2

95.2.1  Forces in 2D Space  Narrated

95.2.2  Vector Addition in 2D  Narrated

95.2.3  Vector Addition Example  Narrated

95.2.4  2D Equilibrium Equations of a Point  Narrated

95.2.5  2D Equilibrium of a Point Free Body Diagram  Narrated

95.2.6  2D Equilibrium of a Point Example Problem  Narrated

95.2.7  Forces in 3D Space  Narrated

95.2.8  Position Vectors  Narrated

95.2.9  Vector Addition in 3D  Narrated

95.2.10  3D Equilibrium of a Point Example Problem   Narrated

Chapter 3

95.3.1 Forces on Rigid Bodies  Narrated

95.3.2 Vector Product  Narrated

95.3.3 Moment of a Force About a Point  Narrated

95.3.4  2D Moment of a Force About a Point Example  Narrated

95.3.5 3D Moment of a Force About a Point Example  Narrated

95.3.6 Scalar Product  Narrated

95.3.7 Applications of the Scalar Product  Narrated

95.3.8 Moment of Couple  Narrated

95.3.9 Equivalent Force-Couple System  Narrated

95.3.10  Equivalent Force-Couple System ExampleNarrated

Chapter 4

95.4.1 Equations of Equilibrium   Narrated

95.4.2 Analysis of 2D Bodies FBD  Narrated

95.4.3 Construction of FBDs  Narrated

95.4.4 2D Equilibrium Analysis Example Narrated

95.4.5 Two-Force Members Narrated

95.4.6 Frame with a Two-Force Member  Narrated

95.4.7 Frame with a Two- and Three-Force Member  Narrated

Chapter 6

95.6.1 Trusses  Narrated

95.6.2 Truss Analysis Method of Joints  Narrated

95.6.3 Truss Analysis Method of Sections Narrated

95.6.4 Frames and Machines Narrated

95.6.5 Machine Example Problem Narrated

Chapter 8

95.8.1 Dry Friction  Narrated

95.8.2 Dry Friction Example 1  Narrated

95.8.3 Dry Friction Example 2  Narrated 

Chapter 5

95.5.1 Center of Gravity Narrated

95.5.2 Center of Gravity by Integration  Narrated

95.5.3 Centroid of a Composite Area  Narrated

95.5.4 Distributed Loads on Beams Narrated

95.5.5 Distributed Loads on Beams Example Narrated

Chapter 9

95.9.1 Moment of Inertia  Narrated

95.9.2 Parallel Axis Theorem  Narrated

95.9.3 Moment of Inertia of a Compound Area Narrated

95.9.4 Moment of Intertia Steel Cross Section Example Narrated

Chapter 7

95.7.1 Introduction to Internal Forces  Narrated

95.7.2 Introduction to Shear and Bending Moment Diagrams  Narrated

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