Yellamsetty, Anusha

Assistant Professor, Department of Audiology 

Department of Audiology

College of Health and Human Sciences



By appointment




Doctor of Philosophy, The University of Memphis, 2018

Masters in Audiology, Bangalore University, 2012

Bachelors of Arts, Speech Language Pathology and Audiology, 2010




Dr. Anusha Yellamsetty joined the Department of Audiology at San José State University in 2021. Dr. Yellamsetty hails from south India, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Audiology, Speech and Language Pathology and a clinical Masters in Audiology. She worked as an Audiologist and as a clinical supervisor before moving to Memphis, TN for her PhD. At the University of Memphis, her research focused on the hierarchical neural coding of speech signals and auditory scene analysis using techniques like oto-acoustic emissions (OAE), psychophysics, and electrophysiological measures, including brainstem evoked-, and cortical evoked- potentials. Dr. Yellamsetty received her postdoctoral training at the University of South Florida, where she worked on developing a self-fitting hearing instruments app. At the University of Southern California, Dr. Yellamsetty was employed as a research associate. She explored the potential for OAEs to enhance differential diagnosis of sensorineural hearing loss. Her research seeks to understand the fundamental processes and acoustic features that contribute for identification of the speech signals that occur concurrently, in individuals with normal hearing and individuals with hearing impairment.




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