Salazar, Guadalupe

Salazar, Guadalupe

Assistant Professor, Anthropology




Preferred: (408) 924-5730


  • BA, Anthropology, UC Santa Barbara, California
  • Master of Public Health, Social & Beharioral Sciences / Health Law, Boston University, Massachusetts
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Anthropology, UC San Francisco / UC Berkeley, California


The Mission of SJSU

In collaboration with nearby industries and communities, SJSU faculty and staff are dedicated to achieving the university's mission as a responsive institution of the State of California: To enrich the lives of its students, to transmit knowledge to its students along with the necessary skills for applying it in the service of our society, and to expand the base of knowledge through research and scholarship.


For both undergraduate and graduate students, the university emphasizes the following goals: In-depth knowledge of a major field of study. Broad understanding of the sciences, social sciences, humanities, and the arts. Skills in communication and in critical inquiry. Multi-cultural and global perspectives gained through intellectual and social exchange with people of diverse economic and ethnic backgrounds Active participation in professional, artistic, and ethnic communities. Responsible citizenship and an understanding of ethical choices inherent in human development.