Nixon, Hilary

Nixon, Hilary

Dept Chair, Urban & Regional Planning
Professor/Academic, San Jose State University




Preferred: (408) 924-5852


Office: (408) 924-5872



  • Ph.D., Planning, Policy & Design, University of California Irvine, July 2006

Area of Specialization: Environmental Policy
Dissertation: Electronic Waste Management in California: Consumer Attitudes Toward Recycling, Advanced Recycling Fees, “Green” Electronics, and Willingness to Pay for E-waste Recycling.
Director: Jean-Daniel Saphores. Committee: Joseph F. C. DiMento and Oladele A. Ogunseitan.

  • M.A., International Business, National University, San Diego, CA, May 1996
  • B.A., Environmental Management, University of Rochester, NY, May 1993



Dr. Hilary Nixon has been a faculty member in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning since 2006, specializing in environmental planning and policy. Her research explores pro-environmental behaviors such as household hazardous waste recycling. She teaches a variety of courses in environmental planning as well as history and theory of urban planning and policy analysis. In addition, she serves as a Research Associate with the Mineta Transportation Institute where her work focuses primarily on the relationship between transportation and the environment. Recent published reports include: An Examination of Women’s Representation and Participation in Bicycle Advisory Committees in California (2012); Low Stress Bicycling and Network Connectivity (2012); What Do Americans Think About Federal Transportation Tax Options? Results From Year 2 of a National Survey (2011); Understanding Preferences for Alternative-Fuel Vehicle Technologies (2011); What Do Americans Think About Federal Transportation Tax Options? Results From a National Survey (2010); Linking Highway Improvements to Changes in Land Use with Quasi-Experimental Research Design: A Better Forecasting Tool for Transportation Decision-Making (2009); and “Green” Transportation Taxes and Fees: A Survey of Californians (2009). Her research has also been published in the following journals: Environment & Behavior; Environmental Modeling & Assessment; Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development; Journal of Environmental Management; Journal of Environmental Planning and Management; Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice; Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment.