Jacoby, Leslie

Leslie Jacoby, M.A., M.F.A.


 Leslie Jacoby


Leslie.Jacoby@sjsu.edu ; lesliejacoby@aol.com 

Departments and Colleges: 

Department of English and Comparative Literature

Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering

Department of Environmental Studies

College of Applied Sciences and Arts


Medieval English Studies (Falconry Treatises, Chaucer, Malory, OE Poetry), Art of Falconry (Instructional Treatises), Medieval French Literature (Marie de France, Anonymous Lais, Chrétien de Troyes, Jean Renart, Roman de la Rose); Art History (Medieval Illuminations/ Miniatures, Children’s Book Illustrations); Children’s Literature; Narrative Analysis; Manuscript/Textual Studies; Genre Studies; Celtic Studies; Creative Writing (Nonfiction and Fiction); Screenwriting


Children’s Literature


English Composition – Pathways Certification

Engineering Reports on the Earth and Environment

Health Science Writing Workshop

Technical and Business Communication

Writing Workshops

Current Projects:

I am currently working on three projects: a memoir/instructional manual on the art of falconry, caregiving, and mental health; a lower-division composition reader for incoming science majors entitled, Gods, Monsters, Mad Scientists; and, an edition and translation of two medieval Old French falconry instructional treatises.


2015    Peregrinations: A Memoir in the Art of Falconry and Mental Health, Thesis, San                     José State U. Proquest ETD Administrator. Web. Dec 2015.

            “Allan Forrest” A Portrait.  Reed Magazine 68 (2015): 120-129. Print.

            “Let the Gang Meet the Writer.” Reed Magazine 68 (2015): 198-202. Print.

            “Resting on the Ledge: A Recovery from the Edge of Extinction.” Golden Gate                       Birder. Web. 25 May 2015.

Publications ~ Book Reviews:  

2016    Seasons in the Literatures of the Medieval North, P. S. Langeslag, Comitatus, Vol.                47 (2016): 294-297. 

           Medieval Romance and Material Culture. Ed. Nicholas Perkins, Comitatus, Vol. 47                  (2016): 309-312.

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           Federico Grisone, The Rules of Riding: An Edited Translation of the First                              Renaissance Treatise on Classical Horsemanship. Ed. Elizabeth MacKenzie Tobey,                  Trans. Elizabeth MacKenzie Tobey and Federica Brunori Deigan, Comitatus, Vol. 46                (2015): 238-240. 

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2013    Art and Anatomy in Renaissance Italy: Images From a Scientific Revolution,             Domenico Laurenza, Comitatus, Vol. 44 (2013): 293-295.

Special Seminars:

2015    National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Summer Seminar for College                         and University Teachers: “The Irish Sea Cultural Province: Crossroads of Medieval                 Literature and Languages” Belfast, Northern Ireland ~ Douglas, Isle of Man ~                       Glasgow, Scotland (8 June – 12 July 2015)

Conference Papers:

2016    “Branwen and the ederyn drydwen: Narrative Complications in The Mabinogi                       (U.C., Berkeley Humanities Club, September 2016)

2016    “The Triad of Unfortunate Birds: When a Starling Is Not a Starling in The                           Mabinogi” (Concordia University, Concordia Irish Society, January 2016)   

2013    “A Bird in the Hand: A Comparative Analysis of the Practical Usage of Raptor                  Traps in the 14th and 21st Centuries (University of Leeds, International                               Medieval Congress, July 2013)

2013    “Welsh Peregrinations: The Value of a Raptor Through the Laws of Hywel Dda”             (U.C. Berkeley, 35th California Celtic Conference, March 2013)

2011    “Poetic Pleasures in the Art of Falconry: Réalisme in Jean Renart’s L’Escoufle             and Fantasme in Chrétien de Troyes’ Yvain or Le chevalier au lion” (University of             Leeds, International Medieval Congress, July 2011)

2011    “The Perceptions of Medieval Falconry and Its Heritage: Modern Master Falconers                   Offer a Response” (Western Michigan University, 46th International Congress on                   Medieval Studies, May 2011)

2010    “The Falconry Simile: Literary and Artistic Seeds in Le livre du roi Modus et de la                   reine Ratio” (University of Leeds, International Medieval Congress, July 2010)

2010    “Deduit d’Oisiaus: Medieval Reflections of Lost Pastimes” (Arizona State                           University, ACMRS, February 2010)

2009    “Rackham’s Mesmerizing World of Faërie: Cryptic Visions in Undine and A                             Midsummer Night’s Dream (Pembroke College, Oxford Roundtable, March 2009)

Conference Panels:

2016    “Crossroads of Medieval Languages and Literature: Results of the NEH Summer                     Seminar in the Irish Sea Cultural Province” [A Roundtable] (Western Michigan             University, 51st International Congress on Medieval Studies, 12-15 May 2016)

2015    “The Triad of Unfortunate Birds: An Examination of Birds and Women in The                         Mabinogi” Roundtable: [NEH Summer Seminar] Literary Culture Around the Irish                 Sea in the Middle Ages – Coordinator: Charlie MacQuarrie. (University of Glasgow,                 15th International Congress of Celtic Studies, 13-17 July 2015)

Foreign Languages:

            Portuguese, French, Spanish

            Old English, Middle English, Old French

            Hebrew, Latin (Limited)


M.F.A., Creative Writing, San José State University

M.A., English, San José State University

B.A., English and American Literature, University of California, San Diego

A.A., Humanities, Foothill College