Kataoka, Reiko

Kataoka, Reiko

Lecturer AY-B, Linguistics & Language Dev


Preferred: reiko.kataoka@sjsu.edu


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Linguistics, University of California at Berkeley, 2011


Dr. Reiko Kataoka joined SJSU in 2012 as a lecturer, and since then she has taught a graduate class in phonology and undergraduate classes in phonetics, evolution of sound communication systems and sociolinguistics. Her teaching philosophy is characterized by an emphasis on conceptual understanding and a commitment to instructor-student and student-student interactions.

Dr. Kataoka has been trained in phonetics, laboratory phonology, and psycholinguistics. Her main research interest is to investigate how humans perceive speech, meaning how humans map continuous and variable acoustic signal to a stable mental representation. Her current research topics center around plasticity and variability of human auditory system and their relationship to historical sound change.


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