Bates, Seth P

Bates, Seth P

Dept Chair AY, Technology
Volunteer Department Chair, Aviation
Department Chair Aviation and Technology




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  • Doctor of Philosophy, Univ Of Northern Iowa, 1981
  • Master of Arts, Industrial Arts, San Jose State University, California, United States, 1978

Licenses and Certificates

  • Certified Manufacturing Technologist (CMfgT), Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME), California, United States, 1988
  • Certified Senior Industrial Technologist, Assoc. for Technology Management and Applied Engineering (ATMAE), California, United States, 1984


Vita Brevis (sic)


Doctor of Industrial Technology, University of Northern Iowa, 1981

MA Industrial Arts, SJSU, 1978 Technology Education and Education in Materials Technology 
BA in Philosophy and Biology, U.C. San Diego, Revelle College, 1976 Political Philosophy and Vertebrate Biology 
HS Diploma, The Putney School, Putney, Vermont, 1966 

Expertise: Specializing in Materials Analysis and Selection

Dr. Bates is chair and professor in the Department of Aviation and Technology, and specializes in Engineering Materials Applications and Selection, and in Computer-Integrated Manufacturing. He has worked in industry (Applied Materials, 2000 and 2001, and Chamberlain Manufacturing Corp., 1981) as an advanced manufacturing methods engineer.

Dr. Bates also ran a university bus service, and was an executive chef, in the San Diego area as a college student.

Seth is Past President of CITEA and CITEA Foundation and serves as member of the CITEA Board of Directors. He also has been conference coordinator for the 1988 NAIT National Convention, and for numerous CITEA Conferences, which were held at San Jose State University and other locations throughout California.

SME Educator of the Year for 1999-2000, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Seattle, Washington, September, 2000 Outstanding Industrial Technology Professor of 1999, National Association of Industrial Technology, Panama City Beach, November, 1999 WESTEC University Challenge competitions at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, awards for senior class projects: 2003 -- Second Prize. The Home Machinist's Rotary Table 2000 -- Grand Prize. The Grasshopper Off-Road Wheelchair 1999 -- First Place. The Go-Kart Racer 1997 -- Grand Prize. The Shock-Lock Off-Road Bicycle suspension system 1996 -- Third Prize. The Rack Lobster Bicycle Rack system for pickups and vans 1995 -- First Place. The Rocket Launcher - an education toy for high school science and technology classes.

Lives in Monterey with wife Tania in the trees with lots of animals. I love singing, skiing, fly fishing, classical, western, and jazz music, and photography. Addicted to radio talk shows and epic science fiction.

Consulting, Seminars, and Workshops
Dr. Bates provides consultation and workshops in computer and networking technologies, Computer-Integrated Manufacturing for smaller companies and start-ups, materials testing and analysis, problem solving for manufacturing production, and software tools for manufacturing.