Hamedi-Hagh, Sotoudeh

Sotoudeh Hamedi-Hagh


Preferred: sotoudeh.hamedi-hagh@sjsu.edu


Preferred: (408) 924-4041

My areas of research are design of RF, Analog and Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits for Wireless, Wireline and Optical Communication systems using CMOS, SiGe and GaAs technologies.

I am directing the "Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits and Systems Laboratory" (RFICS lab) at San Jose State University. The lab has advanced 50GHz test equipment, professional CAD tools and Linux workstations.

Students associated with the RFICS lab are always hired by Silicon Valley companies for competitive design jobs. Qualified prospective graduate students who are interested in IC design research for their theses are welcome to apply to my research group. Please send me your transcript of records and resume to get an appointment.

I look forward to extending my research group ties and collaboration with industries by technical advising and design feasibility investigation. Supporting the RFICS lab may involve equipment, computer and software donation as well as access to the process models and fabrication services.