Fernández, Vanessa Marie


Preferred: vanessa.fernandez@sjsu.edu  

Office Hours

Preferred: https://fernandezwllsjsu.youcanbook.me/


  • Doctor of Hispanic Languages and Literatures, University of California, Los Angeles, 2013 
  • Masters in Spanish, University of California, Los Angeles, 2008
  • Masters in Teaching of Spanish, Columbia University, 2000
  • Bachelors in Comparative Literature, Princeton University, 1999      


Vanessa Marie Fernández is an Assistant Professor of Spanish at San José State University. Born and raised in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, Vanessa grew up in a bilingual household of Spanish and English, and loves learning and teaching languages and literature. She completed her undergraduate degree in Spanish and Italian Comparative Literature at Princeton University and an M.A. in the Teaching of Spanish at Teachers College, Columbia University. Vanessa has taught middle school Spanish in New York City as well as high school Spanish at Beverly Hills High School. A proud Bruin, she earned her Ph.D. at UCLA and firmly believes in excellence in public education. Vanessa brings this conviction to SJSU’s dynamic community of students and educator.

Book Manuscript In-Progress

“Bridging the Atlantic: Debating Modernity Across Argentine, Mexican, and Spanish Literary Magazines (1920-1930)” argues that print culture generated a complex network of exchange amongst avant-garde movements that sheds new light on the development of Latin America and Spain’s post-colonial relationship during the 1920s. Scholarship has primarily evaluated these publications as sites of national formation, but this book demonstrates that journals, magazines, and newspapers created a porous cosmopolitan imaginary where borders were constructed, deconstructed, and redrawn.

Awards and Fellowships

  • Undergraduate Research Mentorship Grant-Maritza Peralta                              2018-2019

  • Undergraduate Research Mentorship Grant-Ashley Quintanilla                          2018-2019

  • RSCA San José State Humanities and the Arts                                                 June 2018

  • Faculty in Residence of the Year                                                                      May 2018

  • San José State Deans Leadership Academy                                                     2017-2018

  • RSCA San José State Humanities and the Arts                                                 June 2017

  • RSCA San José State Humanities and the Arts                                         November 2016

  • Faculty in Residence San José State University                                               2016-2018

Teaching Experience

SAN JOSÉ STATE UNIVERSITY, Department of World Languages and Literature             2016

Assistant Professor

  • Spanish 202 Graduate Seminar in Hispanic Civilization and Culture (in Spanish)
  • Spanish 260 Graduate Seminar in Modernismo and Generation of ‘98
  • Spanish 140B Latin American Literature
  • Spanish 120B Spanish Literature
  • Spanish 160A Negotiating Gender and Sexuality Across the Atlantic
  • Spanish 298 TA Pedagogy Workshop
  • Spanish 25A Intermediate Spanish
  • Spanish 1A Elementary Spanish

Professional Experience and Academic Service

  • Chicanx/Latinx Student Success Faculty Fellow, SJSU                                     2017-Present
  • Spanish Teaching Associate Program Coordinator, SJSU                                 2017-Present
  • WLL Scholarship Committee Member, SJSU                                                    2016-Present
  • Spanish Major, Minor, and MA Advisor, SJSU                                                     2016-2017

Publications and Presentations

  • Book Chapter. “Discord and Solidarity: Spain, Argentina, and Mexico in El Estudiante  (Salamanca, Madrid 1924-26)” Pierre Bourdieu and Hispanic Studies, Palgrave (March 2018).
  • Article. “From Journal Debate to Novelistic Form: The Case of Margarita de niebla (1927)” Journal of Modern Periodical Studies 8.1 (2017): 81-99.
  • Rejoinder. “Community Engagement Pedagogy: A tool to Empower HL/L2 Integration,” Co-Author Lucía Osa-Melero, Hispania Centenary Issue (December 2017).
  • Review. Gayle Rogers’s Modernism and the New Spain: Britain, Cosmopolitan Europe, and Literary History (New York: Oxford UP, 2012), for Hispania (March 2014).
  • Interview. “El desafío de publicar una revista trasnacional y bilingüe. Una entrevista a Rose Mary Salum” Mester, XLI:1 September 2012, pp. 123-34.

Invited Talks

  • “Empire and Iberianism in La Gaceta Literaria(Madrid 1927-30)” 7thAnnual UC Iberian Studies Conference, UCSC, May 18, 2018.