Costa Rica: Pura Vida, Costa Rica

Costa Rica: Pura Vida


January 2 - January 13

Program Description

Information Session
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Wednesday, Aug. 16th
SPX 163

Thursday, Aug. 24th
SPX 118

Friday, Aug. 25th
SPX 163

Saturday, Sept. 9th
SPX 160

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Study recreation, eco-tourism, and earn activity credits in hiking and backpacking! This Faculty-Led Program offers multiple courses for study and analysis, including the topics of recreation, tourism, hiking, activity, and culture.

Costa Rica is the perfect example of a Latin American country that has focused its economy on recreation and tourism while protecting its natural resources with great success. How have they put these principles into practice through eco-tourism and how has it affected their society and culture? We will contrast this with tourism in the USA.

We will:

  • Visit a National Turtle Preserve
  • Speak with experts from the Costa Rican Tourism Institue, where they certify agencies for sustainable tourism
  • Tour a variety of ecosystems, such as mangrove forests & beach environments
  • Take guided hikes through National Parks

This course is open to all majors and especially for any that need activity classes and an elective and/or a class from Recreation.


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