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40th Anniversary I‑House Alumni Reunion in San José, CA, August 1-5 2018



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Thank you to all who have contributed!

Donors who have contributed to the Endowment Fund:


Phyllis F. Simpkins*

Honorary Consular Officers ($10,000 and up)

Chuck Davidson
Henry Down
Stella B. Gross
Arash Motamedi  ’08–’10
Terry Rose
Simpkins Family Foundation (Renew annually!)
Barry Swenson
Diane Trombetta (Renewed Fall 2013, December 2014, Spring 2017)
Bob Aron & Yvette Young ’81–’85  (Renew twice annually!)

Consul General ($5,000–$9,999)  


Vice-Consul ($1,000–4,999)

Cliff Van Amen ’92–’93  (Renewed Summer 2013) 
Michael Bordoni
Lee Brandenburg (Renewed Fall 2017)
Akihiro Enomoto Spring '91 (Spring 2014)
Cyrille Morelle ’96–’97 & Maggie Lee ’94–’97
Andy and Veronica Lenz ’93–’98
Jan Oeljeschlager ’98–’00
Helen L. Stevens, Former Director, IPS (Renewed Fall 2013)
Drew Weeks ’91–’93
Parents of Drew and Derek Weeks
Hargun Hansrao '11-'12  (Spring 2014)

Foreign Minister ($500–749)

Diane and Jim Bordoni
Dave and Kelly Cook
James Hsieh Fall ’82
Carmen Sigler

Diplomat ($250–499)

Anonymous Alumni donor  ’10–’12
Syed ’91 &  Rebecca Alsagoff ’92
Paul Belasky
Severine Deval ’91–92
Connie Gerlach
Donna and Craig Leidersdorf
A.G. Lenz
Mac Makhni and Leann Cherkasky Makhni
Huy Nguyen Fall ’98–Spring ’04
Juan ’92 &  Monique Porras ’91–’93
Eduardo Segura ’06–’08  
Scott Wemyss ’94
Nina Schjelderup ’85–’88 (Renewed January 2015)

Cultural Attache ($1–249)

Dr. Wolfgang Aigner Spring '02 (Donated Fall 2014)
George Arthur
Brittany Balzer 2010-2012- In memory of Dipesh Yadav and in honor of friends near and far (Donated Fall 2014)
Mehrdad Banihashemi ’89–’95
BibianaBarriocanal  Spring ’90
Chiara Bossi  Fall ’09–Spring ’10
Stephen BranzBradley
BreymanGloria Chen ’85–’87
Freda Crum
Sue Crust, Director ’78–’85  
Carla Estell ’96–’99
Erika Faust
Caroline Fee
Robert Fisher
Maryann Fox
Gary Fox
Michelle Grigg ’07–’08
Christine Gunnarsson ’82–’86
Edna Harrison
Virginia M. Hartinger
Colleen Harvey
Jane Heckhman
David Heagerty (Renewed Fall 2013)
Rebecka Heinmert Spring–Fall ’99
Kevin Howard ’81–’85
Aditya (Eddie) Inamdar ’90–’91
Farid Ismayilzada ’05
Marilyn Jones
Finn Jenssen
Erik and Judy Johnson
Ah Young ‘Erin’ Kim Spring–Fall ’07
Gayle Kludt
Tomasz Kolodziejak
Barbara Kuang ’85–’86
Patricia Laurie
Juan Leandro del Viejo Dominguez ’07–’08
Dawn McCormick
Doris Menendez
Tom Metz ’98
Souleymane Ongoiba ’02
Kristen Pendleton and Vince Murphy
Soubhash Poudyal  ’02
Peter and Rita Prindle
Lana Raimbault  Spring ’92
Brian ’85–’87 and Stacy Rawson ’86–’88
Marie P. Rawson
Kathy and Matt Ready
Guido Rietdyk ’85 (Renewed Fall 2014)
John Ritchey III
Christophe Roche, ’88–’89
Mike Rosenzweig  Fall ’93–Fall ’96
Thorsten Sandhaus ’98–’99
Nizar Saqqar  ’10–’12
Charlotte Selover
Christine Senoville ’93–’94
Swar Shah ’05–’06
Marge Sung ’95–’97
To Kalon Club
Edward Uribe ’90–’92
Derek Weeks ’91
Jason and Clarisa Yeo ’88–’91

Carmen Zelaya


*Phyllis F. Simpkins has contributed over $500,000 to I-House in the past decade and has contributed significantly to the Endowment Fund.

Washington Square magazine

Alumni Aditya Inamdar and Ana Lukner are featured in SJSU's Washington Square magazine.

Reconnecting with Alumni

Please watch our video about updates and projects we have been working hard on here at the I-House