Learn & Lead

The Continuing Education and Workforce Development program provides several content and delivery options for workforce development:

  • On-site training
  • Online programs and courses
  • Seminars and conferences
  • Corporate short courses


Course Options for Employee Development

  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Leadership Management
  • Change Management
  • Service Marketing
  • Industry - specific topics

Continuing Education and Workforce Partnerships

online   •   at work   •   at SJSU

Put Silicon Valley’s largest higher education provider to work enhancing your skills or facilitating professional development for your organization, through San José State University’s workforce development program.

The university’s College of International and Extended Studies (CIES) develops and delivers topnotch, relevant programs for professionals seeking skills enhancement to advance their careers, and customized training for employers committed to measurable changes in organizational performance through employee development.

  • Reasonable fees for sophisticated development programs
  • Custom programs for particular corporate needs and various industries
  • Access to extensive campus, community and online resources
  • Expert faculty, certification, degree and non-degree programs


Few institutions have been as crucial to Silicon Valley's success as San José State University, which trains many of the engineers, software designers and tech savvy business people who keep the Valley's technology machine rolling.
- San Jose Mercury News

San José State is immensely proud of the accomplishments of its 205,000 alumni, 75 percent of whom live and work in the Bay Area. Access and innovation have been cornerstones of the education envisioned and delivered by our college throughout the decades.